Welcome to the home of modern photometric equipment!

Photometric Solutions International (PSI) is a 100% Australian owned and run scientific company, specializing in the design and manufacture of products for the measurement of light and lighting systems - photometric and spectroradiometric testing and measurement equipment.

We have a dedicated team of people with the experience and knowledge to provide the complete service. The company may be new but the people are not, with decades of experience in photometry, colorimetry, radiometry and integrated system design and development.

Our products are used by a diverse client base including:

  1. Independent Testing and Certification Authorities;
  2. Government Testing and R&D Establishments;
  3. Manufacturers, for R&D and quality control;
  4. Universities, for educational and R&D purposes.

Please take the time to browse our site to see some of our photometric solutions. Our goal is to meet your needs, and remember that our trademark service qualities are Flexibility, Reliability & Affordability