CL 200-3000nm Standard Lamps Series

The accuracy of any spectroradiometric measurement can only be as good as that of the standard source used to calibrate the system. Bentham manufactures a range of sources calibrated in their own laboratory using NPL calibrated versions of the same product:
  • CL2 Spectral Irradiance Standard 250-3000nm
  • CL3 UV Spectral Irradiance Standard 200-400nm
  • CL6 Spectral Irradiance Standard 200-3000nm, fully enclosed
  • CL7 UV Spectral Irradiance Standard 200-400nm, fully enclosed
  • SRS8 Spectral Radiance/Radiant Intensity Standard
  • SRS12 Spectral Radiance/Radiant Intensity Standard
  • TSRF/TLF Total Spectral Radiant Flux Standard 300-800nm
  • CL-Hg Low Pressure Mercury Lamp
  • Si-CAL Silicon Standard 200-1100 nm
  • Ge-CAL Germanium Standard 800-1800nm
For more detailed information, please refer to Bentham website: