DMc150F-U Double Monochromator for Spectral Content of Lamps

The DMc150F-U Double Monochromator can be used for measurement of the spectral content of lamps to cover the UV and visible range. Typical applications include:

  1. Measurement of k1, k2, kUV and kred of lamps according to ECE-R37, ECE-R113, etc.;
  2. Chromaticity coordinates (x, y) and (u’, v’);
  3. Correlated colour temperature (CCT);
  4. Distribution temperature;
  5. Special colour rendering indices; General colour rendering index (Ra);
  6. Colour rendering group; Colour appearance group;
  7. Dominant wavelength; Excitation purity; Colorimetric purity;
  8. Peak wavelength; Weighted average (centroid) wavelength; FWHM;
  9. >% Spectral energy statistics.