IDR300-PSL for Photobiological Testing of Lamps (IEC 62471)

Throughout the world, a new framework is in place for the evaluation of the optical radiation safety of lamps and lamp systems covering non-laser electrically-powered sources emitting light in the spectral region 200-3000nm. Whilst standards vary between countries, they stem from the same source and as such show a high degree of commonality to the international standard IEC62471:2006.

Faced with a complex series of measurements of spectral irradiance and spectral radiance over wide spectral range, and in response to the recommended measurement instrumentation of IEC62471 (notably the use of a double monochromator to provide excellent stray light rejection and high spectral resolution wide spectral range), Bentham has configured the IDR300-PSL measurement system.

Incorporating products from the long-established Bentham spectroradiometer and accessories portfolio, plus the introduction of new products designed to meet the specific requirements of these measurements, the IDR300-PSL system provides an automated measurement solution with full software guidance, calculation and classification.