IL 200-40000nm Light Sources

Bentham's range of light sources has evolved to suit the requirements of our systems and their users and now offers single or multiple sources from 200nm to 40µm:
  • IL1 General purpose QH-based light source, 350nm to 2500nm
  • IL6/7/8 Modular light source housings for deuterium, QH, xenon, Hg and infrared lamps, 200nm to 30µm
  • IL75e Ellipsoidal reflector-based Xe lamp
  • ILD-D2-QH Xenon Quartz Halogen Dual Light Source
  • ILD-QH-IR Quartz Halogen IR Dual Light Source
  • ILD-D2-QH Deuterium Quartz Halogen Dual Light Source
For more detailed information, please refer to Bentham website: