Integrating Spheres

PSI's LF series integrating sphere photometers are widely regarded as excellent quality, robust equipment for industrial or laboratory applications.

Standard sphere sizes are 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0m diameter, however other sizes are manufactured according to customer requirements.

Features of the LF series integrating spheres include:

  1. Test item can be measured in base up, base down and horizontal attitude;
  2. In-built laser for positioning test item in geometric centre of sphere;
  3. Thermocouple measures temperature inside sphere in real-time;
  4. Powerful electromagnets lock sphere shut during testing;
  5. Auxiliary lamp for correction due to self-absorption of the lamp and monitoring of the "sphere stability";
  6. Standard ports are for luminous flux and spectral measurement;
  7. Advanced ports (optional) for absolute measurement of luminous flux, spectral reflectance and spectral transmittance;
  8. Light-tight seals around the lips of the two halves stop stray light incursion;
  9. Spheres can be used with or without PC control (optional);
  10. Wheels to move the sphere in place and then clamp in position;
  11. Solid construction, fibreglass or aluminium sphere shell.

The software which accompanies the LF series spheres provides all of the standard requirements for the integrating sphere photometrist.... plus a few extras!

  1. Devices such as power supplies, power analysers, spectrometers can be interfaced with the system;
  2. Software remembers sphere calibrations so that many test items can be measured per measurement of a reference lamp - this saves much time and is economic with reference lamp burning time.
  3. Batch mode operation streamlines the testing of multiple samples of the one test item;
  4. Sphere stability monitoring shows when to re-calibrate the sphere;
Plus, the feature we are very proud of: Automatic mode allows the user to sit back and watch as the software automatically determines the current required to achieve the lamp's required luminous flux or colour temperature value (requires automatic power supply option to be included).