Budget Spectrometer-based Goniophotometers

PSI’s LG-0 series of budget rotating luminaire goniophotometers are compact goniophotometers for lamps, luminaires, LEDs and LED clusters. They are suitable for manufacturers with smaller budget requirements. The LG-0 series come with a power analyser and has only 2 models. The detector is a spectrometer, therefore has slower measurement than photometer-based systems due to the integration time and linearity limitations. The control software provides the distribution of luminous intensity in IES and LDT formats. The report software provides:
  • The polar curve
  • The colorimetric parameters: x, y, u’, v’, CRI, CCT, TM30
  • The UGR
  • And more….
  • LG-0.5 LG-0.8
    DUT max diameter 600 mm 1800 mm
    DUT max weight 5 kg 20 kg
    Type C/γ
    Angular accuracy ≤ 0.2°
    Angular resolution ≤ 0.01°
    Detector Spectrometer with 360-830 nm spectral range. Collection lens to improve the integration time optional
    Power analyser Yes