LMK Video Photometer and Colorimeter

Glare evaluation

The LMK mobile air allows easy measuring and verification of existing standards and real lighting applications concepts with regards to full illumination, glare, ergonomics and hazards.
  • Glare assessment based on the TI - method for artificial road lighting (EN13201)
  • Performing the L20° measures for artificial lighting at tunnel entrances (CIE Publ. 88)
  • Determining glare values for artificial outdoor lighting like at sports facilities or lighted outdoor advertisement. For example, the maximum tolerable luminance (LAI) or equivalent veiling luminance
  • Glare assessment of artificial indoor lighting (UGR, DGP, GR)

Measuring Roads and Tunnels

The LMK mobile air allows a smart and quick evaluation and verification of luminance values relevant to security of public traffic ways by using intelligent software tools.
  • Assessment of the luminance values (i.e. according to EN13201) on road and tunnels
  • Checking the visibility of transport users, road signs and markers among various weather conditions
  • Reviewing the luminance level and the illumination of other public traffic ways

Further Applications

The LMK mobile air is very-well suited for fast and easy assessment for luminances in outdoor areas, roads and public places in an urban environment.
  • Quick and easy determination of the highlighting on facades and gladdings – and other vertical surfaces
  • Evaluation of the luminance distribution on illuminated surfaces like airport apron – and other horizontal planes
Another application is the assessment of luminance levels and distribution in indoor environments. Also the determination of perceptible contrasts helps to assess the quality of existing conditions for any visual task.