SP-3C Real-time Spectroradiometer

Superseding the popular SP-2C, the SP-3C is a compact and fast spectroradiometer, which is primarily designed for real-time chromaticity measurement. It features a single diffraction grating and CCD array arrangement, so that the entire spectrum is acquired in a single scan of the CCD array.

After the SP-3C has acquired a spectrum, it is displayed on the screen along with the chromaticity coordinates and (if appropriate) the colour temperature of the source and other derived data. Integration times can vary from 1 millisecond up to 60 seconds. For bright light sources, the chromaticity coordinates can be updated on the screen multiple times per second. The spectra can be logged over time, making the SP-3C a very handy research tool for monitoring the change in colour of a sample over time.

A filter wheel containing a selection of neutral density filters is built into the system so that the signal strength can be reduced for bright light sources that would normally saturate the detector. The filter wheel also contains a blocking filter for dark subtraction.

Spectral Range 380-780 nm / 250-1000 nm
Integration time 1ms to 60s
Stray Light < 0.05% at 600nm, < 0.1% at 435nm
Filter wheel 8 positions (with different ND)
No of pixels 2048