PSI offers a variety of spectrometers to suit a range of applications. The most common type is the SP-3C real-time spectroradiometer for chromaticity measurement.

We also use and recommend Bentham Instruments monochromators for a wide range of advanced applications including measurements of the Photobiological Safety of Lamps. For more information, please see below.

SP-3C PH-1L DMc & TMc specbos
Type Spectroradiometer Photometer Monochromator Spectrometer
Wavelength Range 380-780 nm
360-830 nm
250-1000 nm
380-780 nm Any among
380-780 nm
350-1000 nm
Bandwidth 5 nm ///// Depends on the slits 5 nm
Interface Ethernet RS 485 / USB ≤USB ≤ USB