TEP Tunnel Entrance Photometers

The TEP-2.0 Tunnel Entrance Photometer is a measurement system essential to the energy efficient lighting of tunnel portals (entrances and exits). It is installed in front of the portal, normally at one safe stopping sight distance and produces an output current proportional to the luminance in the central field-of-view around the tunnel portal. This signal can be used to switch banks of luminaires on or off, thereby keeping the lighting of the tunnel at an optimum compared with the surrounding luminance and saving energy. 2 versions exist: 1 single range and 1 dual range
TEP-1.0 TEP-2.0
Dynamic 0 to 10000 cd/m2 0 to 10000 cd/m2
Low Range N/A 200 to 500 cd/m2
High Range 1000 to 10000 cd/m2 1000 to 10000 cd/m2
Housing IP 65 IP 65